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Our Masters

[stm_staff name=»Regina Spektor» job=»Nail Master» description=»Manicure technician provides nail services to customers at spas, salons and barber shops. Nail design and Art decoration is her qualification.» image=»1147″ facebook=»#» linkedin=»#» twitter=»#»]
[stm_staff name=»Samantha Fletcher» job=»Hair Stylist» description=»Hair Stylists are specialists in hair care and hair styles of both genders. They are responsible for offering hair care services.» image=»1147″ linkedin=»#» twitter=»#»]
[stm_staff name=»Sally Mulligan» job=»SPA Master» description=»Licensed SPA and Massage Specialist with 10 years of experience and regular requalification training participation.» image=»1147″ facebook=»#» linkedin=»#»]
[stm_staff name=»Edward Picket» job=»Male Haircut Master» description=»A professional who cuts, trims, and styles hair for primarily male clients, but also many women with shorter hairstyles.» image=»1147″ twitter=»#»]